Another Mirukuma Giveaway!

Kat over at Mirukuma is doing another giveaway to promote her new Closet Child Value Packs! I've bought from her once but I want to use her services again but sadly I am currently overseas. That means shopping spree when I return to the States! Click the image for her giveaway. Good luck everyone!


Angelic Pretty USA Lucky Pack

Waah! I managed to nab one of the lucky packs from AP SF and got it today!

Polka Dot Chocolate it is! I love the wrist cuffs, will not keep the socks, but I'm 50/50 with the dress. I did like the print when it came out but I wanted the brown color back then.

Overall, I'm pretty happy about the lucky pack. Was pretty nervous, but they pretty much threw in things from their sale section. xD Then again that's what a lucky pack is. I have an accessory one coming in the mail as well.

I think I might put off buying new releases and just get lucky packs this winter. Fun!


Angelic Pretty San Francisco Review - NEUTRAL

I got so excited for my first dress from Angelic Pretty to be Cinema Doll but of course the instant they were on the SF website - All sold out! I promptly emailed them with my Special Order request. Here's a timeline:

Aug 30: Sent an email about special ordering a Cinema Doll set in Ivory. They replied very quickly and once they confirmed stock from Japan a special checkout link would be sent to me.
Sept 1: Checkout link was sent by email
Sept 2: I paid the next day with a nice invoice in my Inbox. Status: Sourcing from JP Warehouse
Sept 14: I hadn't heard back since and no status updates so I inquired by email.
Sept 18: AP SF replies saying my order along with their new shipment from Japan has been stuck in customs for the past week. (Really wished they had said something about that...)
Sept 20: Status: In Transit (I thought this meant my order was shipped out; not the case.)
Sept 23: Sent an email about not getting a tracking number and if it even was shipped out. Replied, that is was shipped out and I should've gotten a tracking number. Didn't get back to me
Sept 24-28: I kept calling, emailing and every store associate told me something different. "A piece from your set is missing so it's delayed", I was told it would be shipped out Tuesday. Didn't hear back.
Sept 28: Called this morning about my order status and they FINALLY shipped it out. The email with my tracking number was right after my phone call also.
Oct 1: Received dress!

I'm going to do a service review because overall my feelings are if it wasn't for Angelic Pretty being one of the brands I really like I would not buy from them online. My in-store experiences have been good but my order this time was not enjoyable. First off, the box was really banged up (probably USPS), no shopping bag, no hanger (using mine in the picture), no novelty gift? There was a nice invoice included which was folded oddly and bent all over. Everything seemed so hastily put-together.

SAM_4886 SAM_4887
SAM_4889 SAM_4892SAM_4891 SAM_4894 SAM_4893

First Metamorphose Dress "Review"

I bought a skirt lucky pack from Meta last winter and ended up selling the whole thing because I didn't really like it. But! When Meta released their Dim Light print I jumped for the reserve! Sorry, if it's a bit wordy. This is my first time doing a review. They sent the dress in another shopping bag on the outside; not box. Here's the breakdown:


Aug 31: I reserved the Pinafore Dress Medium Length in Green via their email process.
Sept 3: Meta replied that they received my request and I didn't have to pay until the dress was ready.
Sept 9: I received another email from them to send the money through Paypal (even though I asked to be charged through credit card but either way would work)
Sept 12: Paid! I emailed back wondering if they received my payment and how long shipping would take. No response.
Sept 14: Dress was shipped out and tracking number was given to me. (By this time the series was available for sale online but only select colors)
Sept 17: Arrived! You have no idea how happy I was. I was trying to hide my big smile so much when I got the package.

SAM_4803 SAM_4816

Please excuse my photos. I'm 163cm and the dress hits an inch or two below my knee. It's fully lined though not "attached" to the dress if you know what I mean. There's a seperate thin layer of lining. The shirring actually stretched more than I thought it would. (I was thinking that I had to sell the dress because it *might* not fit.) There are two buttons on each strap which are supposed to be adjustable but there is only one row of  button holes so I'm not sure if you wanted to adjust the shoulder straps you have to cut holes yourself? It came with a matching brooch but mine was glued a bit sideways so I will fix that later. The satin "belt" goes through two loops on the side of the dress. Suprisingly, the satin wasn't as cheap as I thought it looked in the stock photo. The dress also has an invisible zipper on the side, though mine is a little hard to pull up near the middle (you have to give it a good yank to zip it up). It also came with a small paper bag.

SAM_4804 SAM_4805 SAM_4818 SAM_4820
SAM_4824 SAM_4827

And I think that's it. Thanks for reading!

Another Lolita Purchase

First time buying off of EGL Comm Sales. I got the Black Cat, Witch, and the Apple Tree? corset skirt from Alice and the Pirates EVEN THOUGH I know it does not fit me. Must have been an impulse buy but now it's motivation to lose weight! GO GO GO!


I just did my first order from BTSSB at San Francisco. I bought the Snow Snow Salopette which was on sale and a pair of AaTP Diamond Socks. I am so excited to get my package and the staff was quite helpful.

Hooray for early birthday present for me! <3 I'll do a small review also.

April 10-11: The SF staff was very quick to answer my questions and pricing inquiries.
April 11: I wanted to pay with credit card (through the phone only) but it was denied so I went with Paypal. They invoiced me promptly.
April 13: SF Staff forwarded me an email from USPS with the tracking number of the package. I was kind of hoping they would notify me by email with the information along with the USPS info.
April 16: I received the package today in a USPS Priority Mail Medium size Box and I have to say it's super fast shipping! I've got pictures.

I'm was surprised that the salopette is made out of thicker fabric but then again the name "Snow Snow Salopette" sounds like a winter-y outfit. The ribbon on the waist was already tied which was a really nice touch. The salopette has no shirring but adjustable straps and pockets. To be honest I have a 98cm bust and it gaps right in the middle of the buttons (not too much thought) but there is so much space on top. The socks are over the knee. I wish we could keep the tags though.

Overall, I'm really happy with BTSSB SF and would definitely order from them again if something else in the Sale section catches my eye! Can't wait to wear this over the summer.

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